“A day in the life of a company in crisis is like a month in a healthy company.”

Harvey Kibel - Kibel, Green, Inc.

Why clients employ the services T&Co - Proven Experience

We believe you will find that we have an uncommonly broad business, financial and technical expertise gained through years of working with both healthy and distressed organizations. In our many assignments we have seen the best and worst business practices in service, high tech and low tech businesses. Solving problems and making organizations and individuals work more profitably and effectively is our stock in trade. We also have access to a network of seasoned professionals to supplement our skills as required on an interim basis. That is why both healthy and distressed companies employ the services of T&Co. and its CLEO Consulting Partners division.

Entrepreneurial venture startups and turnarounds have much in common well conceived action plans have to be developed and accomplished in a limited time frame with even more limited capital and management talent. Hiring experts in every critical area is usually not practical or economically feasible, but to be successful, it is essential that the company have access to decisive, experienced leadership in all critical areas.

We know from first hand experience that each industry has its own set of unique critical success factors. In developing strategic, operational and turnaround plans we have a reputation for thorough quantitative analysis of the company and its industry, establishing clear metrics for measuring past and future performance. We assure that financial controls and management information systems are in place to provide accurate and timely information to management and company directors.

We strive to create a learning environment where all levels of an organization work together to solve complex industry specific problems and contribute to the company's success.

We welcome the opportunity to assist clients with challenging assignments.  Please contract us to discuss how we can help your organization.

 H. Andrew Thornburg



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