CLEO Consulting Partners Division is composed of individuals who have served as senior operating executives,management consultants, board members and executive advisors. These individuals have an average over thirty-years of experience and have worked in more than 100 different industry sectors.

We have particularly strong multi-discipline team experience in:
Advanced Technology
Information Technology and Software
Food and Beverages
Service Businesses
Defense and Aerospace
Engineering and Construction
Retail, Wholesale and Distribution
Health Care
Energy and Natural Resources

Thornburg Resume
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H. Andrew Thornburg
Andy has served as a consultant, strategist and investment banker for more than 200 companies ranging in size from startups to Fortune 50 companies. He has extensive operating experience as CEO, CFO and CRO for both healthy and troubled companies and as a Director of twenty-eight companies.  He has been responsible for the turnarounds of more than thirty companies in the U.S., Latin America and Asia. His industry and operating experience includes technology, manufacturing, finance, service, wholesale, retail, utilities, energy, processing and natural resource companies. His investment banking experience includes serving as Vice Chairman, Security Pacific Capital Markets Group. He is particularly skilled at providing solutions to the challenges facing private and family run companies.

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George Langis
George has worked as a CEO, CFO, CRO and senior executive with both distressed and healthy public and private companies with product offerings ranging from turbine engines, wire and windows to sugar, orange juice, stone and construction. His industry experience includes manufacturing, mining, construction, service and agricultural corporations as well as defense contracting. He is a strong leader with in-depth experience in establishing "best practices”: organizational restructuring, right-sizing, and improving customer service in diverse industries. George is very skilled in working with private companies owned by private equity firms and family owned businesses. He has recently served as CEO of Turbine Generators Maintenance, Inc., a CLEO interim management client.

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John J. Rosati
John is a consultant to industrial, commercial, financial, educational, and government organizations - domestic and international. He assists Board of Directors and executive decision makers in assessing opportunities and challenges created by the rapid technological changes in the marketplace. He has operating experience as CEO, CTO and senior executive directing the development of high technology systems and managing the development of high technology products in complex, multi-product and multi-service corporate structures. He provides leadership and guidance to corporate executives in the development, transfer, conversion and commercialization of high technology; the development of new products and services; and the establishment of strategic relationships for the rapid introduction of new products into the defense, aerospace, commercial and industrial marketplaces.
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